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Why Clean Window Furnishings Matter

Recent studies have highlighted the role of draperies in infectious disease transmission. Dirty drapes attract dust mites and other organisms and provide a fertile environment for the spread of bacteria and viruses such as H1N1 and cDiff. The EPA Total Exposure Assessment Methodology studies found levels of organic pollutants to be 2-5 times higher indoors than outside.

Even drapes not visibly dirty require regular cleaning to prolong their lifespan. Left un-cleaned, the fabric fibres in the drapes will deteriorate rapidly. Without cleaning, the lifespan of your drapes is shortened considerably. Protect your investment, drapes are expensive to replace.

Cleaning Outdoor Roller Blinds

Outdoor awning makes your home or office a comfortable spot to relax. Whether your awning are aluminium, canvas, rigid, or retractable, they can all fall victim to growths such as green algae, black algae, moss, lichen, or mould and mildew. Cloth awnings can be particularly vulnerable to mould and mildew because the cloth can collect dust and pollutants and hold moisture which creates the perfect environment for mould and mildew growth.

It is very important to care for your blinds and awnings with regular maintenance. Cleaning, your blinds and awing will keep them looking new and prolong their life. General marking and mould are inevitable for outdoor fabrics, but prompt attention to the affected areas will minimize the chance of staining or fabric degradation.

Keena Blinds and Curtains also offers a skin replacement service for faded or frayed fabrics, giving the exterior of your home a fresh new look.

Cleaning Stage and Function Room Curtains

Did you know that your Stage Draperies act as a filter, absorbing airborne dust, pollutants, chemicals, and allergens? Dirty drapes contribute to poor indoor air quality which can adversely affect the health of your staff, visitors and students alike who may be allergic or sensitive to dust.

Stage and theatre curtain fabrics do have a limited life, and factors such as UV light exposure, humidity and traffic may further reduce useful life of your stage and theatre curtain fabrics.

Airborne pollutants combined with humidity and oxygen form an acid that creates “dry rot” which, left unchecked, destroys the fabric. Protecting your investment by cleaning regularly, will not only make your curtains look good, it will save you the money as well in replacement costs.

To prolong the life of your theatre and stage curtains / drapes we recommend the following:

Annually vacuum drapes especially velvet and wool, thus minimising the build-up of dust.

Cleaning Outdoor Awnings

Outdoor awnings finish a home and increase its value.  Having them cleaned regularly will have them looking great, without the unsightly mould and mildew which can ruin their appearance and reduce their life span.

The best way to prevent mildew build-up and other problems with your awning is to have a specific cleaning routine that you carry out regularly. This basic clean-up should keep them in good condition, leaving you free to enjoy the great outdoors.

Every two years or so, it is advisable to conduct a deep and thorough clean of your outdoor blinds & awnings. Kleena Blinds & Curtains would be only too happy to offer you a competitive quote. Call us today on 07 5549 0996.

Application of Fire Retardants

Kleena Blinds and Curtains can provide a full onsite cleaning and application of fire retardants for curtains and drapes in large venues such as theatre, entertainment and function centres, school halls and stage curtains.

Prior to the application of a fire retardant it is strongly recommended to have your stage curtains professionally cleaned. Curtains act like filters and collect dust, pollen and other pollutants which can affect air quality for staff, visitors and students. Vacuuming curtains to remove these pollutants will prolong the life of your curtains, have them looking much cleaner and save you money in the long term.

We would be happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with a competitive quote.